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One in three absences at work are due to anxiety and stress, an official Government survey finds.

Anxiety and stress are the most common reasons to be off work because of illness. Contributing factors could include:

  • Bereavement

  • Return to work after a long break

  • Relationship breakdown

  • Separation & Divorce

  • Anger & Behaviour issues

  • Workload or deadlines

  • Pressure or responsibility issues

  • Performance at work issues 

Don’t wait for stress and anxiety issues, whether work related or of a more personal nature to occur, at COUNSELLINGWork we focus on prevention rather than cure.

By investing in the well-being of your employees, you will inspire greater commitment, workforce loyalty, increased productivity and ultimately lower the costs of days lost as a result of stress and anxiety issues.

What we can offer

An effectively administered occupational well-being program offers a wealth of benefits for businesses of all types and sizes. At COUNSELLINGWork 

we offer a straightforward approach to the well-being of your employees. 

We're all only human. As an employer you may not have the in house skills to deal with an employee's personal or behavioral issues. These could be as a result of relationship problems, whether at work or at home and may if unchecked result in performance or behavioral problems which could ultimately have a damaging effect on others within your business or organisation.

Talk to us about implementing an ongoing program to help to address any of the many and varied issues your workforce may have. 

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