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Michaela Sheppard

I believe in creating a supportive and safe place for people to come and express themselves without fear of judgement. No size fits all, so my approach is integrative, drawing from a host of different therapeutic offerings. I draw a great deal of information from how we present in the therapy room in order to draw relevant parallels and repeating relational patterns with what may be going wrong in the outside world and working environment.


Therapy is the process of learning how to derive the maximum benefit from everyday living, especially in difficult circumstances


I put emphasis on measurable change wherever possible and see therapy as a way to move our lives forward from our current impasse, to a place where we would like to be.  As long as its process is consistent with our value, is ethical and the desire is not incompatible with a fulfilling and productive life.


I have worked extensively within the business sector, and I am very personally aware of the stresses and working  dynamics that are faced on a daily basis.

Founder & Lead Therapist

British Association for Counselling

& Psychotherapy

Eastbourne Therapy Room

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